For Organisations

We partner with our clients and build long term relationships. This enables us to gain in depth insight into their unique commercial needs and culture. Some of our relationships have spanned decades. With organisations we help them design, deliver and continuously improve their key HR processes. Our services include:

Selection and Assessment Systems

We know how to profile roles and design the best method of assessment. Our experience spans graduate programmes through to senior level recruitment, from specialist to generic roles, in both the private and the public sector.

Talent Management and Leadership Development

We work with clients to enable them to identify their real talent and to invest in their future leaders. We create the talent management process, work in collaboration with our clients to assess and coach their talent and design supporting internal development processes that ensure that the investment is sustained. We have facilitated these programmes both nationally and globally.

Diversity and Dignity at Work

This is a specialised offering. Johanna, the founder of SEVEN has researched and consulted in diversity for over 20 years. We have worked with organisations of all sizes to audit and advise on their management of diversity and the development of diversity strategies. We advise on dignity at work issues and work with organisations to raise awareness and most importantly develop their diversity skills.