SEVEN, Psychology at Work is celebrating our 10th Anniversary! We would like to say a heartfelt thanks to all of our clients and collaborators that have travelled with us during our first decade.

As a birthday present to ourselves, we have launched a new website. We feel it really brings the SEVEN energy and expertise to life. We wanted to share our purpose, perspectives and ways of working whilst also providing a more holistic and responsive experience for our clients and broader connections. We are particularly delighted to highlight on the site our expanding team, a selection of our valued client relationships and also our insights into emerging trends.


Learning from our journey, looking to the future

We are proud as we reflect on these past 10 years, working closely with clients to enable positive change for people at work. Organisations of all shapes and sizes have taken on transformational change in order to create more effective and inclusive workplaces – there is much to celebrate as we reflect on the decade and a lot more to look forward to.

As part of our 10 year milestone, we asked our clients to engage in our 10 Years of Positive Change survey. This was an opportunity to look back at the most significant changes for people at work, but also a way to voice trends for the future of workplaces. We are delighted to share some of the insights from the research.


The true value of Diversity & Inclusion

The most significant positive changes identified were in the area of Diversity & Inclusion, with respondents referencing the very real changes seen in workforce demographics as well as the mainstream recognition of the business imperative for D&I. Having a D&I strategy is no longer seen as a cultural “nice to have” it is recognized as central to any smart business strategy.

Looking to the future, respondents anticipated more embedded positive change in this area, with the work currently being undertaken showing increasing results over time – particularly in relation to the recruitment and retention of diverse talent and the deeper integration of true inclusion being seen as the key to unlocking the performance of a diverse workforce.


Organisational Development sees a new rulebook

Our survey showed Organisational Development as the second biggest area of change in the last decade and the top area for future transformation. Driven by increased flexible work practices, increasing complexity and the impact of changing technology there are now higher expectations than ever for leadership accountability in relation to ongoing organisational development. This is now seen as essential for long term survival.

Our respondents expect further moves toward agile workplaces, the widespread adoption of Artificial Intelligence and the changing nature of traditional employee/employer relationships will effectively rip up today’s rulebook on organisational development – clearing the path for more flexible future workplaces, with purpose rather than function-oriented teams.


Nurture individuals as leaders and build great teams

Our survey also identified a continued increase in demand for both individual and team coaching – but with an emphasis on ‘coaching that counts’.  Organisations are likely to be more discerning and more holistic in how they invest in the coaching and the development of individuals, leaders and teams.  An ‘outside in’ perspective that looks simply at competency or capability development is no longer sufficient.  Coaching and leadership development programmes with a more ‘inside out’, purpose led approach, that also address the tensions of navigating relational and systemic complexities – as well as emerging technology – are now needed for our ever-increasing VUCA world.

We are excited to contribute to the positive changes that will shape future workplaces. At SEVEN, we too are changing, diversifying and growing to reflect the needs of our clients and will continue to evolve and enrich our offering over the next 10 years (and beyond!)

If you would like to explore any of the topics referenced above or if there is anything else we can support you with, please contact Olivia Rourke or any member of SEVEN’s team to discuss your needs, ideas or questions.