Our Expertise


SEVEN focuses on a range of specialist areas of change. Rather than create set services or programmes, we work closely with clients to align our approach to their goals so as to achieve specific and measurable impact. Clients get better outcomes when our work is designed with them and for them.

Diversity & Inclusion

Strategic Diversity Audits

A holistic diversity & inclusion strategy is essential to develop an inclusive organisational culture with stronger talent retention, a broader talent pool and better employee & customer engagement.


SEVEN’s strategic diversity audit process is based on over 25 years experience in diversity management. We leverage the audit data to inform the right diversity strategy and action plan for your organisation. Typically, our audit process is inclusive of all staff and relevant stakeholders. This approach achieves broad buy-in and ensures that the strategy is tailored to fit the unique needs of the organisation.


Our strategic diversity audits normally involve the following stages:


  • Population:  Gathering and reviewing all available demographic data.
  • Policy:  Reviewing organisational policies and benchmarking them against best practice.
  • Practice: Consulting with employees to understand how policies are implemented in practice.
  • Perceptions: Gathering and analysing perceptions about diversity and inclusion within the organisation.
  • Benchmarking:  Interviewing best practice competitors in the industry.
  • Brand connection:  Sampling how the organisation reflects diversity & inclusion in relation to its services, clients and consumers.


From our experience, this process provides the knowledge and insight required to enable genuine inclusion and leverage the wide-ranging collaborative and commercial benefits of diversity.


If you are interested in hearing more on how we could tailor our diversity and inclusion approach for your organisation, please get in touch

Return to Work Programmes

Return-to-Work programmes give future-focused organisations an opportunity to fill mid-senior level talent gaps from a broader talent pool.


For Organisations

We partner with hiring organisations to create specific “Return-to-Work” induction & development programmes and ensure that they access diverse talent pools with a fair, inclusive and unbiased mindset. These bespoke programmes enable individuals and organisations to manage the transition back to work and create an environment in which both returners and organisations can thrive together.


Return-to-work programmes typically provide:


  • Proactive support and development opportunities for individuals returning following a significant career break which is activated by a desire to reignite one’s professional ambition and commit to a renewed career goal.
  • A combination of return-to-work induction and development workshops, one-to-one coaching and individual assessments.
  • Structured employment opportunities with ongoing development support.


For Individuals

SEVEN also support individuals returning to work after a career break.


We work specifically on areas that prepare individuals for work and encourage a confident mindset:


  • Understanding values, long-term career goals and the motivators.
  • Improving confidence through skills development and building knowledge of the job market.
  • Appreciation of signature strengths, development areas and career focus.
  • Identifying transferable skills and reframing past experience to future opportunities.
  • Defining elements that are “deal breakers” in terms of role seniority, culture and team structure.


SEVEN has formed a Strategic Partnership with the ‘Executive Coaching Consultancy’ in the rollout of Return-to-Work programmes in Ireland.


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We would love to talk to you about the different ways you can attract and recruit great people from a broader talent pool

Supporting Working Parents

Working parents make up a significant portion of most organisation’s. Organisations that provide support for people transitioning into parenthood and through early childhood years see higher talent retention and staff engagement.


Becoming a parent is a complex professional and personal transition – typically occurring at the steepest incline in an individual’s career trajectory. How this transition is managed and supported, organisationally and within teams, has a significant impact on the successful long-term retention and recruitment of talent.


Based on SEVEN’s own research on managing maternity, our approach is to work with organisations and parents to ensure the needs of both are balanced and met. We design holistic, gender-neutral strategies and programmes in order to create long-term strategic talent and diversity management opportunities.


Typically, our approach includes:


  • Parental Coaching.
  • Parental Transitions Workshops: Pre & Post Leave.
  • Line Manager Coaching.
  • Expectant/New Fathers Webinars.
  • Roundtable Discussions.


You can read more about supporting working parents in our article

SEVEN has also formed a Strategic Partnership with the ‘Executive Coaching Consultancy’ in the rollout of Supporting Working Parents in Ireland.

If you are interested to learn more about the positive impact of supporting working parents, we’re always ready to share our passion and knowledge.

Leadership Assessment & Talent Development

Talent Development Programmes

Organisations thrive when they have the right people, empowered and motivated to do their best work, with clear and measurable results in mind. We work with organisations to co-design and deliver bespoke development processes for specific talent groups.


We engage with leadership groups, human resources, talent development and a range of other internal stakeholders to develop a global understanding of key competencies and behaviours required for the specific talent group identified. We take a thorough, global approach to ensure development paths tie in with organisational culture, purpose and goals. We then work directly with the talent group participants through a combination of workshops, assessment and individual sessions – refining the processes based on tailored insights.


Our talent development approach typically involves these phases:

  • Inquire: 360 research and development with participants and stakeholders.
  • Create: Design of development processes around specific talent groups.
  • Collaborate: Group sessions focusing on competencies and behaviours.
  • Reflect: Individual assessments and feedback.
  • Plan: Individual development plans developed in conjunction with managers and HR.

We have established long-term partnerships with our clients by co-creating global talent development programmes that span varied career stages over multiple years.

We would love to talk to you about how to create or expand talent development programmes for your organisation

Psychological assessment

Psychological assessments give organisations insight and assurance when it comes to hiring and developing the right talent for their business.


As Business Psychologists we know how to profile roles and design the best method of assessment. Our two main areas of focus and experience are:


  • Individual Psychological Assessments: We design and deliver individual psychological assessments in order to select and place talent for specific roles and/or develop talent already in leadership positions. Our process is specifically designed for each role and assessments are tailored to align with broader organisational requirements. These may include personality, skills or knowledge assessment and where relevant 360° feedback processes.
  • Selection and Assessment Systems: Where the goal is to narrow down a larger group of applicants to a smaller group for further selection, our experience spans graduate programmes through to senior level recruitment, from specialist to generic roles, in both the private and the public sector.

Knowing more about people through assessment reduces bias and provides clear data to inform your hiring decisions and how you manage talent within the organisation.

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If you are interested in hearing more on how we could tailor our psychological assessment approach for your organisation, please get in touch

Individual & Team Coaching

Individual Coaching

Coaching helps people to unlock and amplify their potential and to successfully work towards clear and measurable goals that are fully aligned to both personal purpose and broader business objectives.


We work closely with organisations and their people to ensure a confidential and tailored coaching process using a variety of profiling tools and coaching approaches. Our individual 1:1 coaching programmes involve a range of development areas such as leadership & executive development, career and transition coaching, parental transitions or specialised coaching on diversity & inclusion.


While all our coaching relationships are unique and take place over varying timeframes, we typically include the following phases:


  • Chemistry meeting: All our coaching relationships begin with a meeting to ensure compatibility and fit.
  • Assessment & exploration: We explore the coachees current reality, their ambitions, personal purpose, strengths, drivers, development areas. This phase can also involve profiling tools and 360-feedback.
  • Goal definition & planning: We use numerous techniques to ensure that our coachees clearly articulate and commit to specific goals that form the basis for a Personal Development Plan.
  • Follow up & review: Engagement to support ongoing progress and shared accountability.


SEVEN also offer specialised coaching services:


  • Somatic coaching
  • Parental coaching
  • Transition coaching
  • Working with Abrasive Leaders.


If you would like to learn more about individual coaching, we would love the opportunity to discuss the best approach for you or your business.

Team Coaching

At SEVEN we understand that bringing the best out of teams does not always come naturally. Being at your best as a team takes time, consideration, reflection and commitment. Team coaching can be particularly beneficial when teams are newly formed, are facing a particular challenge, have experienced change in the workplace or simply feel they can do better or more as a team.


Through team coaching, we enable teams to be at your best. We have a transparent and inclusive approach to coaching teams. The structure, style and content of our process is tailored to each team, but typically involves:


  • Initial consultation meetings with the participating leader and their team to explore themes and inform the team coaching structure and style.
  • Gathering individual contributions and insights to shape the coaching agenda.
  • Team sessions to share insights, define team purpose and agree better ways of working.
  • Agreement on individual and team commitments to ensure the team excels.
  • Periodic follow up consultations with individuals and team to assess progress and continued commitment to purpose – typically at 30, 60 & 90 days intervals.


As experienced team coaches, we see great value in how teams develop through coaching to build trust, embrace accountability, handle challenges constructively and individually commit and contribute to positive change. This sets the foundation for teams to function at the highest level.


We would love to share our passion and knowledge on team coaching with you and your team. Find out more

Organisational Development & Positive Change

Facilitation & insights building

Facilitating away days & insights sessions can be a challenge when you work as a colleague with the group involved. Your role, relationships and prior knowledge of the group may colour both the agenda, flow and related insights or outcomes.


Combining our team coaching and business psychology expertise, SEVEN provides skilled objective facilitation designed to unlock insights & inspire positive change for teams, departments and organisational leadership teams. Our bespoke and tailored approach brings the benefits of objectivity blended with skilful facilitation to enable meaningful insights and positive intent.


Let us know your intentions for your Insights Building programme and we will work with you on the design and delivery.

Culture & Values alignment

Organisational values are a unifying asset to your organisational cuture when they are intentional, well communicated and activated at all levels.


SEVEN works with clients to better align purpose, values and behaviours so that they are fully embedded throughout the organisation.


Our approach is inclusive, transparent, rigorously tested and typically involves the following elements:

Explore: Alignment of purpose to desired values.
Engage: Collaborative definition of behavioural indicators for each value.
Excite: Engage all stakeholders via insight, awareness and action.
Embed: Integration into internal and external processes.


If your organisational values are unsupported, outdated or undiscovered, we would love to explore how our culture and values alignment process could enable your organisation to underpin and shape a positive, productive organisational culture.