At SEVEN, Psychology at Work, we work closely with organisations to develop bespoke Diversity & Inclusion strategies based on their specific talent needs, workforce plans, CSR goals and leadership structures.

Growing organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to source qualified and experienced talent in the marketplace via traditional internal and external recruitment mechanisms. This is particularly the case in economies where employment rates are high and the competition for talent even higher.  Because of this, we are seeing many progressive and inclusive organisations seeking alternative sources of diverse talent. An emerging focus is the attraction and recruitment of experienced talent who have taken a career break or period of time out of the workforce and are now ready to ‘return’.  Recruitment of these ‘Returners’ into the hiring pipeline is not sufficient – hiring organizations also need to ensure that they considering how to best assess, support and develop this unique talent pool.  Our work with organizations in this area not only ensures that Returners are well supported in order to successfully resume their career and become a valuable team member but we also help organizations raise their self awareness in relation to how open and inclusive their hiring practices and decisions makers are – eliminating the potential for bias to block access to diverse talent.

SEVEN has partnered with the Executive Coaching Consultancy in the design and delivery of  bespoke ‘Return to Work Programmes’ for organizations in Ireland. These programmes are focused on helping organisations to re-engage talented individuals returning to work after a career break. It develops a structure for those returning to ensure they are equipped with the information and skills they need to contribute their best. It is designed to compliment and support the organization’s broader Talent Development and Diversity & Inclusion strategies.

If you would like to learn more about how a ‘Return to Work Programme’ could support your talent strategy, one of our Diversity and Inclusion experts at SEVEN would love to talk to you. Please contact for more information.


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