THRIVE blends Executive Coaching, Performance Training and Energy Management into a holistic offering that supports Leaders to embody sustainable leadership.


Business leaders are leading their people and organisations through an unprecedented period of emergent and evolving business challenges. As individuals and teams face significant personal and social disruption, the demands on leaders to be a resource to others are intensifying. But we must first start with ‘self’ – while we know that we can’t pour from an empty glass, many business leaders are currently struggling to create the space to resource or ‘refill’ their own energy capacities. In times of great challenge when we need them most, we are inclined to forget about the inherent resources we possess to help us adapt to change and uncertainty.  Instead of stepping back and reflecting, we can find ourselves leaning-in and upping the intensity. Yet paradoxically, despite our striving, the outcomes we want become harder to reach. This is the performance paradox – for many leaders there is often a tension between trying to “give it their all” in response to rising challenges and managing their own resources so that they can do their best work.  They struggle to find their rhythm for sustainable performance.

In particular, integrating their physical, emotional and cognitive capacities into a coherent whole is especially elusive. THRIVE has emerged to meet the need for a holistic approach to coaching that blends the personal and professional, and supports the attainment of goals for physical and emotional wellbeing, energy management and the achievement of maximised personal potential and performance. THRIVE equips leaders with the tools and techniques to be at their best so as to be able offer their very best to their teams and organisations.


SEVEN and No. 17 have worked in partnership to design this unique programme for business leaders.

SEVEN, Psychology at Work is a practice of Business Psychologists driven by enabling positive change for people at work. SEVEN combine psychological rigour with commercial insight and bring a track record of providing tailored and impactful Executive Coaching to leaders across a range of sectors.          

No. 17 delivers personal training from a holistic perspective on performance and wellness that encompasses all aspects of health from exercise and nutrition to mindset, energy imbalances and stress management.



You will be supported and challenged by your Thrive coaches to explore the following elements throughout the programme:

  • Deep reflection to consider and articulate personal leadership drivers, enablers, blockers and goals.
  • Techniques and proven tools to manage your energy sustainably so as to maximise potential.
  • Insight and understanding into how our nervous system works and how we can learn ‘to regulate’ better to expand our capacity.
  • A dedicated Fitness Coach to support optimal physical performance and function with a personalised programme that works to stimulate your body from a musculoskeletal and neurological standpoint.
  • A proven method of goal setting and habit formation to ensure consistency in your fitness and wellbeing programme.

The programme adopts a truly holistic methodology and provides a bespoke approach tailored to your unique challenges and context. The journey will equip you with an enduring toolkit to draw on to regulate, resource and centre yourself, so as to embody a grounded and resilient leadership presence.


For further information, please contact our Thrive coaches: